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Let me introduce myself...

Hello, I’m Kara A. Mullane, a children’s book author. I haven’t always been a writer, but it has been my dream since I was young. I so loved to look through the picture books and hear my parents and teachers read me stories. I was over the moon when I could actually read books all by myself.

The day your child learns to read is magical and the world opens up for them. They are so proud and eager, and as a parent I wanted to keep finding the best books for them to devour. My love of book reading has been passed down to my daughter and she is a definite book fanatic. Her overflowing bookshelf of all she has read is a testament to that.

Just a few years ago I decided that if I wanted to be a writer, I better start to write. It took some time, but I gave myself some mental space to let out my inner creativity. I’m so glad I did, because the story ideas have been flowing ever since.

My love of nature and looking at the world with a lens of kindness and goodwill is at the base of my stories. My first published picture book, Great Explorers, is about a nature loving little girl, Emmi, who goes outside to explore with her binoculars and creates an afternoon expedition with her neighbors while encouraging the young readers to find the critters on the page and then make their own play binoculars and go outside exploring with their observation logbook.

My second picture book, The Kindness Seed, is about a small town once thriving, but now devastated. A mysterious benefactor drops parachutes of money from the sky to each residence. A gift from a higher power you might say, but the gifts have a catch. Each family must use their gift to make something that will grow and share the abundance with others. All but one family embraces the challenge. A kind and hopeful daughter challenges her family to do better and share. She is allotted a handful of coins, but she takes them and does her best to bring joy to her community. In the end we see that same small town and what it has become because of the community and this small girl’s determination to do the right thing.

I love picture books, but as mentioned kids grow and want to read more complex stories and see what the older kids do. That is how they learn too. They get inspired and dream of moving to the next stage where they are stepping out into the world without always holding their caregivers’ hand. I have written a young reader chapter book and by the time you read this email, it may just be out.

It is called State Fair Fun Money, and it is about four friends pining for the end of summer fair with all the rides, spectacles, and yummy treats. But alas, they want to be in control of their day and fun so they make a plan to get a summer job, and save up so they can enjoy the fair - Kid style! Hope you check it out when it is available. I'll update the post when it is.

That was a long introduction and mostly about my writing. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better.

If you want to find out more about my books check out my website: or see what my kid's site Emmi's World is all about.

Thanks for reading, now hope you will go read to your kids!

Best to you,


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