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Past. Present. Future.

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Imagine a parachute of money floating down from the clouds, with your name on it! But, there's a catch – if you're not willing to share, the riches will come to a halt. So, what's the plan?

Meet the hero of our story, Anna, as she embarks on an inspiring journey in the charming town of Upton. When an unexpected shower of gifts descends from the sky, Anna seizes the opportunity to spread some joy throughout her community.  She dreams of planting trees across the town to lure the birds back. However, her family doesn't share her giving spirit.


Can Anna find a way to assist her town, or will greed win out?

This touching story is sure to rekindle your faith in the power of kindness and hope. So, when kindness knocks on your door, don't hesitate – welcome it with open arms! ♥


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Award Winner - The Golden Wizard Book Prize 2023!

Do you want to teach your child the love of science and nature?

In today’s world full of screens, kids are less and less likely to be pulled to the wonders of exploring all nature has to offer. As a parent, grandparent, or teacher, you can give your little ones the ultimate gift of the love of nature by reading to them Great Explorers.

Emmi and friends observe nature through sights and sounds they find in their backyards.

Science and Nature meet in this outdoor adventure for ages 3 to 6


Work: Work


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¡Nunca sabes lo que encontrarás hasta que empiezas a observar! 

Únete a Emmi y sus amigos en su expedición en el patio trasero donde usan sus sentidos para observar a las criaturas en su ambiente natural. ¡La ciencia y la naturaleza se encuentran en esta aventura al aire libre para niños de 3 a 6 años, donde los niños usan un libro de registro para capturar lo que encuentran y aprenden a fabricar binoculares de papel para sus propias expediciones!

 - MAS!

Great Explorers Observation Log Book
An Activity book for every child's great expedition!

You never know what you will find until you start observing!

Companion activity book to Great Explorers: Observing nature through sights and sounds. Your child can get outside and use their observation log book to describe all they see, draw pictures, and nature questions prompting thought and imagination, and even having fun with nature themed word searches and coloring pages. 

Every child will want their own!


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