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Past. Present. Future.

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Follow Anna on an adventure of generosity and courage to discover the power of kindness.

In the small town of Upton, mysterious gifts float down from the sky to the residents. Anna, a brave and determined young girl of the town, sees the potential of the gift and believes it could be used to bring joy to her community. But her family disagrees and wants to keep the gift for themselves.

With the stakes so high, can Anna find a way to do what she believes is right? Will her plan to share with Upton be successful? Join Anna on her journey to discover the power of kindness and generosity.


What would you do with such an opportunity? Would you be kind and share your gift?


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Award Winner - The Golden Wizard Book Prize 2023!

Do you want to teach your child the love of science and nature?

In today’s world full of screens, kids are less and less likely to be pulled to the wonders of exploring all nature has to offer. As a parent, grandparent, or teacher, you can give your little ones the ultimate gift of the love of nature by reading to them Great Explorers.

Emmi and friends observe nature through sights and sounds they find in their backyards.

Science and Nature meet in this outdoor adventure for ages 3 to 6


Work: Work


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¡Nunca sabes lo que encontrarás hasta que empiezas a observar! 

Únete a Emmi y sus amigos en su expedición en el patio trasero donde usan sus sentidos para observar a las criaturas en su ambiente natural. ¡La ciencia y la naturaleza se encuentran en esta aventura al aire libre para niños de 3 a 6 años, donde los niños usan un libro de registro para capturar lo que encuentran y aprenden a fabricar binoculares de papel para sus propias expediciones!

 - MAS!

Great Explorers Observation Log Book
An Activity book for every childs great expedition!

Activity book filled with fun!

Log book pages so your great explorer and write down all they see and share it with their scientific community.

Drawing prompts and questions about their expedition.

Fun nature themed word searches. 

Buy Direct Coming Soon!

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