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Readers' Favorite  - 5 Stars 

Follow Anna on an adventure of generosity and courage to discover the power of kindness.

In the small town of Upton, mysterious gifts float down from the sky to the residents. Anna, a brave and determined young girl of the town, sees the potential of the gift and believes it could be used to bring joy to her community. But her family disagrees and wants to keep the gift for themselves.

With the stakes so high, can Anna find a way to do what she believes is right? Will her plan to share with Upton be successful? Join Anna on her journey to discover the power of kindness and generosity.

Readers who enjoyed Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller will be delighted by this captivating story of generosity and hope. Find out what Anna will do with this opportunity to be kind.

What would you do with such an opportunity? Would you be kind and share your gift? 

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Praise for The Kindness Seed

"The Kindness Seed by Kara A. Mullane is a delightful and heartwarming children's book that teaches children important life values parents can plant and nurture throughout their lives...It's the kind of book I always keep on the shelf to be referenced or reread."

★★★★★ Readers Favorite - Reviewed by Jennie More

"There are a lot of lessons to be learned in this thoroughly engaging and adorable story.  I would highly recommend this, and would include it in a babysitter's arsenal.."

★★★★★ Star Gater - Goodreads Reviewer

"The Kindness Seed by Kara A. Mullane is a thought-provoking read for children, their parents, and teachers."
★★★★★ Readers Favorite - Reviewed by Nino Lobiladze

"Children will love the vivid illustrations accompanying the text, focusing on Anna's and the Upton residents’ contributions and exploring the result of Anna’s family’s choice. The Kindness Seed is a story to be shared."

★★★★★ Readers Favorite - Reviewed by Courtnee Turner Hoyle

Great story about sharing and patience

"The Kindness Seed is an adorable book about paying it forward and sharing your gifts or talents so everyone can prosper. But there's also a message about patience that shouldn't be ignored. Because Anna plants seeds, she will have to wait years to see her gift to the community come to fruition. We live in a world of instant gratification. Nobody likes to wait. But sometimes that's exactly what we need to do so good things can grow in their time. Anna eventually sees how her gifts bless the community. They started as tiny acorns (that she had to plant on her own) and grew into mighty oak trees, which are also symbols of great virtues on their own! So much to talk about and learn from with this children's book. Great job!"

★★★★★ Amazon Review - Reviewed by Tami

A little goes a long way

"The author, Kara Mullane, does a wonderful job making the point that a little goes a long way. I love how Kara always interacts with the readers at the end of her stories. Asking the readers to do something similar to what the character did or share what they would do in the same situation."

★★★★★ Amazon Review- Reviewed by Tanya

The Future is in the Hands of the Children

"And if they learn from The Kindness Seed, then there's hope for a more-than-positive future. Passing along to others the good fortune that may fall your way is a worthy lesson to learn and share. The idea of trying to better your world, even if the results are not evident until years later, is laudable wisdom to impart on children. Mullane does a terrific job weaving these ideas into an entertaining tale. The art work is great, too! This is a solid follow up to the author's first book, "Great Explorers." Nicely done Kara A. Mullane. You have me waiting for more from you!"

★★★★★ Amazon Review - Reviewed by John

Spark Kindness!

"A lovely story paired with soft, watercolor illustrations that encourages young readers to think about what they can do to bring joy into the world--no matter how seemingly small. The Kindness Seed shows us how tiny, thoughtful deeds can transform into outcomes with big, meaningful impacts--just like how acorns become mighty oaks with time and care. Kids will finish this book inspired and uplifted, and perhaps most importantly, empowered to spread kindness in their own homes and communities.

A great addition to schools, homes, and libraries. Fits nicely with SEL curricula. Perfect for Arbor Day and Earth Day!"

★★★★★ Amazon Review - Reviewed by Lacera Fam


"Magnificently crafted from the whimsical illustrations, the simple story, and interactive exercises."

★★★★★ Amazon Review - Reviewed by Kindle Customer

Sharing is Caring

"This is a great book to show the importance of giving back to community. It only takes a seed, or in this instance an acorn, to set up for future success. Well done Kara Mullane!"

★★★★★ Amazon Review - Reviewed by Caviar22

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