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The Kindness Seed is Here!

Praise for The Kindness Seed:

"The Kindness Seed by Kara A. Mullane is a thought-provoking read for children, their parents, and teachers."
★★★★★ Readers Favorite - Reviewed by Nino Lobiladze

"The Kindness Seed by Kara A. Mullane is a delightful and heartwarming children's book that teaches children important life values parents can plant and nurture throughout their lives...It's the kind of book I always keep on the shelf to be referenced or reread."

★★★★★ Readers Favorite - Reviewed by Jennie More

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Great Explorers Audiobook Now Available !

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Hello and thank you for stopping by!

Just a little about me - 

My passion for writing children's books started when I was a young girl with my love of reading. As the years went on, I had many professions and passions, but I knew that this is where my heart belonged, and I finally took the plunge and wrote my first story in many many years, it is The Kindness Seed, and I'm so happy to finally share it with all of you.


The Kindness Seed was first written, but not first published. My debut children's picture book, Great Explorers, was met with excitement and praise, and many happy faces! I'm proud to announce that the second and third books in the Emmi's World series, the children's picture book, Helping in the Hoop House,  and the young reader chapter book, State Fair Fun Money, will be available in 2023 if not in early 2024.


I have incorporated my love of nature into my writing. I like to share messages are of positivity, inclusion, and the love of the environment with my young readers, so they will hopefully grow up caring for the environment and each other too.

I live in Northern California with my husband, daughter and our dog, Ginger. When I'm not writing, my next favorite activity is being in nature - gardening, mediating, walking, I love it all.

Writing for and connecting with young audiences is a dream come true, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Please keep in touch!

Kara A. Mullane

Meet Kara

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