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Great Explorers Audiobook Now Available !

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Great Explorers sampleKara Mullane & Amy Weaver
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Meet Kara

Kara Mullane is the author of three children's books. Her debut book, Great Explores was the first in her Emmi's World series. Coming soon in early 2023 is Helping in the Hoop House (book #2 in the Emmi's World series) illustrated by Brie Bagwell and A Gift in the Night illustrated by Rhiannon Thomas.


Kara has mixed her love of nature and her love of writing in her children's stories. Her messages are of positivity, inclusion, and the love of the environment. She wants to share these messages with her young readers, so they will grow up caring for the environment and each other too.

Kara lives in Northern California with her husband, daughter and their dog. When Kara is not writing her next favorite activity is being in nature - gardening, mediating, walking, she loves it all.

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